Dear Meadowlark: Thank you very much for being an important part of our Myers National Sales Conference! The extra time you spent with us before and after dinner, your singing, your inspirational presentation, the autograph session, and even golfing with us pushed our conference success way over the top!

– Kathleen M. Buetow, Pentair Pump Group

Dear Meadowlark, First of all I want to tell you what an honor and joy it was to meet you at our National Sales Conference in Scottsdale on January 16th. I thoroughly enjoyed your program. What a thrill it was for our attendees to be able to golf and spend time with you on Monday. Everyone enjoyed themselves tremendously and we are still receiving calls of appreciation.

– Tami Workman, Executive Assistant, Myers

I had to fly out to LA last week and I got a chance to read your book—“Trust Your Next Shot”—It was great—thanks! I would like to order 24 copies for our ‘Key Managers’ …Keep up the good work! And may your ‘Future Journey’ be as memorable as your first half!

– Everette Anderson, Pepsi-Cola Bottling of Central Virginia

Our company celebrated 100 years in the Pepsi business a few years ago. The event was attended by over 1000 people and we had Meadowlark as one of our featured guests. I felt that he did a superb job and the crowd loved him. If I could be present for our 200th anniversary, I would have Meadowlark again.

– Everette Anderson, Pepsi-Cola Bottling of Central Virginia, 1150 Pepsi Place, Charlottesville, VA

Meadowlark is the epitome of a basketball player who makes every day count. As speaker at BCI’s 1st Annual Step Up Your Game event, he captivated our audience with his basketball stories and his wit. More importantly, he challenged all of us with the message that your character, integrity and faith can shape the world you experience. Thanks so much Meadowlark for who you are, and sharing your heart with us.

– Kathy Scheuerman, President, Basketball Club International, Inc. ~ (October 2012)

Mr. Lemon, This is a special thank you for an outstanding week with NEXCOM, which began on Wednesday, March 9 through Friday, March 11, 2011.  Your message on Wednesday truly resonated with the associates.  They are still talking about you and how impressive, yet humble, you are specifically given your many accomplishments and the outstanding number of awards you have received.

Your presence has done so much to motivate our associates from all backgrounds who continue to see you as their hero and a man of great character, integrity and compassion for his fellowman.   The feedback from our Wounded Warriors places their trip to the Little Creek Base on Friday to meet you, as the most highly rated trip they’ve experienced.

Mr. Lemon, we have truly been blessed with your presence.

– Gwen B. Marlow, Director Workforce Diversity, Navy Exchange Service Command, Virginia Beach, VA

Last Friday’s “show” featuring Meadowlark Lemon kicked off the seventh year of the Navy’s Celebrity Speaker Series themed on the ideas of leadership and public service.  We’ve had some pretty darn good speakers honor us with their presence.  Only a small few have been the “talk of the town” like Dr. Lemon was on Friday afternoon …and wondrously continuing into today.

Wow, wow, wow, !! It’s now a full 72 hours since Dr. Lemon’s departure and Bldg 197 is still feeling the jolting aftershocks of the Lemon-quake. I wish I could have listened-in on the phone-calls these 23 and 24 year olds undoubtedly made to their parents and friends over the weekend informing them about their unforgettable morning when they were in close quarters with a great American personage: Meadowlark Lemon. His earnestness in sharing so many great stories past was beautiful—- and what an authentic person!!  He really hit the mark with the high-potential youth of our workforce. This kind of thing really matters to the Navy.  I hold to heart that this is a proud moment for me and the senior leadership of this Command.

– Douglas Levitas, Director, Leadership-In-America Distinguished Speaker Series, Naval Sea Systems Command, HQ ~ (March 2011)

Meadowlark is indeed an excellent example of health and wellness. I especially liked his use of the word “SHOT” as a framework for living a healthy, balanced life… I commend your dedication and enthusiasm for promoting health and wellness. Keep up the good work!

– Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services, Washington, D.C. ~ (2011)

Hello, Eric Stangel here. I just wanted to add my thank you for your appearance on the show last night. Tons of people have told me how exciting it was to have you here.  Plus, on a personal note, it was a pleasure for my brother Justin and I to talk to you before and after the show. .. Let us know the next time you are going to be in New York City. We would love to take you out to dinner. Best to the whole family.

– Eric Stangel, Head Writer/Executive Producer, Late Show with David Letterman ~ (March 2011)

Greetings Mr. Lemon,

I wanted to personally thank you for making our Athletic Banquet a SUCCESS. I still find it hard to believe how fortunate I am to be in the company of such greatness: Rev. Jackson Sr., Meadowlark Lemon…..I have to pinch myself at times to remind myself that it is all REAL.

From the time Meadowlark arrived at the hotel until the time he left people/fans wanted to talk to him, touch him, take a picture with him.  He is Truly a Living Legend!!!!!!!

– Brian McCoy, Rev. Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH Coalition- Chicago ~ (July 12, 2012)