Meadowlark Lemon Speaker Events (VIDEO)

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This video is a montage of various speaker events. Meadowlark Lemon begins speaking at a mega church called Victory Christian Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma (associated with Oral Robert’s University). The footage then moves to the Union Rescue Mission in Wichita, Kansas where Meadowlark, as the keynote speaker,  gives an inspirational speech.

Meadowlark said,

I believe we have everything we need in the palm of our hands. Everything is already built on the inside of us. There is no room for failure. We do not have to fail. I believe with all my heart we have people here in this state, in this city of Wichita, and we have probably men in this room right here who had the ability to play in the World Series and the reason they are not playing in there is they have lost their vision. … If I can make it with the vision of a coat hanger and an onion sack, so can you.