Trust Your Next Shot Introduction

Trust Your Next ShotWelcome to the world of Meadowlark Lemon – Basketball Hall of Famer and the renowned “Clown Prince of Basketball.” The man with the most recognizable face and name in sports history!

Meadowlark’s new book – Trust Your Next Shot – reaches beyond the 94’ x 50’ dimensions of a basketball court. It reveals the inner philosophy of the legendary Harlem Globetrotter who has dared to overcome poverty, racial prejudice, and scores of other roadblocks that surely would have sidelined most any other person.

Trust Your Next Shot reveals in clear, pointed language what has enabled Meadowlark to transform a rare combination of athletic prowess and side-splitting humor into a joyful formu­la for success that’s sure to help you in business, in personal relationships, and in the demands of everyday life.

The book is funny, exciting, and refreshing – just like Meadowlark himself.

So join the man who helped change the face of American history, Black history, and sports history, the man who played basketball before kings, queens, presidents, popes, and maybe even you, as he teaches us all how to live a life of joy!